Trademark Law

Trademark Law

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Dr. Sean X. Zhang

  Trademarks are a valuable component of the assets to your business and it is critical that your marks are properly maintained, used and protected. The value of a trademark lies in its ability to connect the public to your goods and services. The loss of that value may result in the loss of the strength of your brand. Therefore, the protection of your trademark should be a key component of your business strategies and priorities. We assist our clients in all areas of trademark law, including:

  • Trademark registration to help our clients protect their businesses.
  • Protecting trademarks from infringement claims.
  • Opposing trademark registrants who may wish to limit your ability to use your own marks.
  • Providing transactional advice and due diligence in the evaluation and management of intellectual property in acquisitions, mergers, financings and bankruptcies.
  • Negotiating and drafting licenses, franchise agreements, web development agreements and e-commerce agreements
  • Litigating trademark disputes.

We work with clients from all sectors and industries and represent companies of all sizes from Canada, the USA and Europe in connection with their Canadian trademark needs. Whether you are starting a new venture or expanding into a new marketplace, Dale & Lessmann LLP can bring a unique global perspective to the legal and business issues you face. For more information, please contact any member of our team.