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No Smoking in the Workplace - Including Cannabis

November 05, 2018

Workplaces in Ontario are required to post No Smoking signs prohibiting smoking of tobacco, cannabis (including medical cannabis), and electronic cigarettes.

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017 prohibits smoking or vaping in enclosed workplaces – even when the workplace is closed for business.

Enclosed workplaces includes any part of a building, structure or vehicle with a roof that an employee works in or visits, even during off-hours including:

  • Office building
  • Trailer office on a construction site
  • Delivery truck

Employers Must Post Signs

Employers and proprietors of an enclosed workplace are required by law to post signs at each:

  • Each entrance
  • Exit
  • Washroom

You can post a 2 signs for tobacco and e-cigarettes OR just one combined sign. Order your signs from your local public health unit or download them.

There are other legislated posting requirements in the workplace including employment standards and health and safety. To learn more about statutory requirements for Ontario employers, please contact us at Dale & Lessmann LLP. For more information concerning workplace rules for the use of recreational and medical cannabis, see my previous blog entitled Marijuana in the Workplace – Are You Ready?

Christina J. Wallis is a Partner lawyer practising civil litigation with a focus in Employment Law at Dale & Lessmann LLP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a full service business law firm. To speak to Christina please call 416-369-7832 or send an email message to her at

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