New Requirement for Employment Standards Poster

Employers must now not only post the Ontario  Employment Standards Poster in the workplace, but by June 19, 2015, employers must also provide a copy of the poster to their employees.

 There is a new version 6.0 Employment Standards Poster which must be posted in the workplace. Due to changes that came into force May 20, 2015, employers must now also provide a printed copy of the poster or attach it to an email to the employee. Existing employees must be provided with the Poster by June 19, 2015. New Employees hired after May 20, 2015, must be given a copy within 30 days of being hired.

The new Poster is available in PDF format free of charge from the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s website at The Poster is also available in other languages which the employer must provide to any employee who requests the Poster in another language.


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