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First round applications for projects under the Nova Scotia Community Feed-in Tariff (COMFIT) Program approved

December 20, 2011

The Nova Scotia Department of Energy has announced the approval of first round applications for projects under the Community Feed-in Tariff (COMFIT) program. With this announcement, the COMFIT program has finally begun to take shape. Below are the descriptions of the first approved project proposals:

Colchester-Cumberland Wind Field

The Colchester-Cumberland Wind Field (CCWF) has proposed a 50 kW small wind project near Tatamagouche. CCWF is a Nova Scotia corporation and Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF) that has been involved in community development for many years. A CEDIF is a pool of capital that is generated by the sale of shares to persons in a defined community for the purpose of investing in local business. This community-based developer has been extremely successful as it has developed the first wholly community-owned wind field in Canada. CCWF successfully constructed an 800 kW turbine in Spiddle Hill that began supplying electricity to Nova Scotia Power in 2011.

Fundy Tidal Inc.

Fundy Tidal Inc. has proposed a 1.95 MW tidal project in Digby, Nova Scotia. Fundy Tidal Inc., a community-based clean energy development corporation, was established in 2006 to spark local interest in tidal based renewable energy projects. Fundy Tidal's ambition is to create opportunities and firmly establish Nova Scotia as the place for marine energy research. Locally-owned ventures are the backbone of the initiative, with the ultimate goal being the stimulation of the local, rural economies in Nova Scotia.

Municipality of the District of Chester

The Municipality of the District of Chester has proposed a 2.3 MW wind project at the Kaizer Meadow Environmental Management landfill facility. The project will be fully owned by the municipality.

Northumberland Wind Field

The Northumberland Wind Field CEDIF has proposed a 50 kW small-wind project near Avondale. Northumberland Wind Field is a community economic development corporation dedicated to building community-owned wind based renewable energy projects. The focus of this group has been in Pictou and Antigonish Counties.

Watts Wind Energy

Watts Wind Energy, a Nova Scotia CEDIF, has proposed a 4 MW wind project near New Minas.

Many community groups have submitted as many as 88 locally based proposals under the COMFIT application process. These groups will have to demonstrate the feasibility of these projects by securing financing, developing grid impact studies and completing the necessary environmental assessments. The Nova Scotia Department of Energy is continuing to process these other applications and expects to announce all successful applicants by early spring 2012.

The COMFIT website has been revamped to allow for easier access to important project information. The new “COMFIT Progress” page allows users to quickly learn about the program’s progress. The “About COMFIT” page gives an overview of the program while providing answers to common questions and providing information from both governmental and community perspectives. Finally, the “COMFIT Approvals” page provides updates with respect to newly approved projects. Eventually, the website will allow users to track these projects throughout their development.

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