Funeral and Cremation

We are versed in the unique regulations that govern funeral homes, funeral directors and cremation service providers. 

Our lawyers frequently guide prospective facility owners through acquisitions and regulatory approval processes for funeral and cremation facilities. We provide general legal advice with respect to operational matters, employment law, contracts, advertising, governmental relations, consumer complaints and responding to proposals from the Bereavement Authority of Ontario. 

We have been involved in the start-up of several cremation facilities in Ontario and are often asked to help investors structure their affairs to meet both regulatory guidelines and practical goals.

We represent funeral directors, funeral establishments, cemetery operators, and crematorium owners as well as the associations to which they may belong. 

As new options for end-of-life care emerge and as alternative funeral and final disposition traditions gain increasing precedence, our lawyers are ready to advise the bereavement sector with respect to the anticipated regulatory concerns, to help develop solutions and to provide straightforward ongoing advice with respect to best practices. 

Our services include:

  • Advising on matters related to the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act
  • Acting as counsel to businesses in connection with the purchase and sale of funeral homes and crematoriums 
  • Corporate maintenance 
  • Representing funeral homes and crematoriums in response to complaints lodged with the Bereavement Authority of Ontario  
  • Representing funeral homes and funeral directors in responding to proposals from the Bereavement Authority of Ontario, including proceedings before the License Appeal Tribunal