Estates, Trusts & Succession Planning

Effective wealth management and succession planning requires experience, discretion, practical knowledge and understanding. We offer comprehensive estate planning and administration and litigation services for individuals, families and business associates. 

We understand the legal, business and familial complexities involved in estate planning and administration and work with our clients to effectively plan for the succession of their personal and business assets. Where necessary, we have experience in litigation involving estates, trusts and succession planning. 

Our lawyers are committed to assisting our clients through the entire estates process, beginning with contingency planning designed to provide for financial protection for loved ones, moving to long-term estate planning, designed to reduce wealth transfer taxes, moving to guiding families through the estate administration process, and dealing with any disputes that may arise. Our lawyers can advise on succession planning for our clients’ interests in private businesses. 

We offer comprehensive services to individuals in Ontario and internationally in their succession planning and personal estates, including the preparation and safekeeping of their key estate planning instruments.  We also represent clients in the administration of their foreign testamentary documents in Ontario. 

Our services include:

  • Drafting of wills, powers of attorneys and living wills
  • Drafting of family trusts, bare trusts, disability trusts, and employee benefit trusts
  • Implementing estate freezes and corporate reorganizations
  • Preparing estate administration applications, including resealing applications and ancillary appointments   
  • Post-mortem tax planning
  • Preparing estate, power of attorney and trustee accounts
  • Guardianship applications
  • Handling disputes in respect of trusts, estates, estate freezes and corporate reorganizations