Commercial Leasing

Whether you are the landlord of a shopping centre, a mixed-use building, a condominium or single-use building, or a tenant operating in the restaurant, retail, warehouse, industrial, or office industry, the specific terms of commercial leases have never been more important to the day-to-day reality of businesses. 
Leases are long-term contracts, which can represent a great asset or a great liability. In conducting careful and practical negotiations of leases, the value of a landlord’s portfolio or a tenant’s company can ultimately be increased (or decreased) significantly. Our lawyers work with clients at the beginning of their leasing relationship to identify and prepare for effective exit strategies. 

The Commercial Leasing Practice Group works with a variety of property types, including single and mixed-use developments, office, retail, industrial, and warehouse properties. We prepare and negotiate agreements at all stages of the life of a lease, including term sheets, offer to leases, leases, rent deferral and abatement agreements and termination and settlement agreements. 

When representing landlords, our lawyers not only negotiate key leasing agreements, but also prepare system standards for a project, assist with property management issues, prepare template documentation to ensure consistency across a landlord’s portfolio and provide advice with respect to tenant disputes. 

When representing tenants, our lawyers engage in open communication with the client to understand the realities and practicalities of the tenant’s business to ensure the lease documentation both serves and protects the tenant over its term. Our industry expertise includes restaurant, retail, beauty and health care, children’s facilities, educational centres, offices, workshare spaces, warehouses, distribution hubs, manufacturing, and storage. 

Our services include:

  • Negotiate and prepare offers to leases, leases, and amending agreements
  • Review and prepare ancillary documents such as subleases, non-disturbance and subordination agreements, estoppel certificates and consents
  • Advise on leasing-related matters in the context of acquisition or disposition of a business and preparing related documentation, such as assignment agreements, indemnity agreements, change of control / assignment consents, and related notices
  • Dispute resolution between landlords and tenants
  • Advise on lease interpretation, statutory rights and obligations, and common law principles 
  • Prepare template or precedent lease documentation