Professor David S. Wright, Special Advisor

Professor David S. Wright, Special Advisor





Mr. Wright is the Kenneth and Patricia Taylor Distinguished Professor of Foreign Affairs at Victoria College, University of Toronto. For six years he served as Canada’s Ambassador to NATO, during the conflicts in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. He was Dean of the NATO Council from 2000-2003. Previously, he was Canadian Ambassador to Spain and, in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin wall, Assistant Deputy Minister for Europe in the Department of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Wright has also held postings at the Canadian Embassies in Paris, Tokyo and Rome and at the Canadian Delegation to the UN in New York.

A graduate of McGill and Columbia Universities, Professor Wright has written extensively and spoken publicly on a broad range of current international issues. He serves as a board member of several institutions in both the private and non-profit sectors.

As Special Advisor to Dale & Lessmann, Mr. Wright brings to the firm a wealth of experience in, and knowledge of, international politics and the global economy.