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Jenny Pho




Practice Description

Jenny is a Partner and Business Lawyer at Dale & Lessmann LLP's Corporate Commercial group and heads the firm’s Estate Planning and Administration group. With a diverse portfolio, she focusses on the Renewable Energy sector, Mergers and Acquisitions, Trusts and Estates and Funeral and Cremation Law.

With expertise built in Estates Law, Jenny has comprehensive and extensive knowledge of estate planning, complex trust administration and tax succession that extends to estate freezes and future planning.

She has an established reputation within her practice in the Renewable Energy sector, with proficient knowledge of the FIT program and its progressing changes and complexities.  Jenny is highly skilled and agile in the finer points of deal structuring, private placement contracts, mergers and acquisitions, secured lending & financing. Working at an advanced level, she provides concentrated insights and context when drawing up agreements. Jenny’s clients count on her for precision, pragmatism and best-in-class due diligence.

Working with funeral directors and crematorium owners, Jenny has also developed a niche practice in Funeral and Cremation law with extensive knowledge of the legal and business practices of this industry. Additionally, Jenny provides regular guidance and advice to funeral associations.

Clients defer to Jenny for her personal service attributable to unparalleled organization skills combined with a comprehensive knowledge base. Clients acknowledge her for being adept as she counsels them on a vast array of challenges and background in the full context of law and her client’s businesses. 


Acting as a co-counsel to numerous Canadian, US and equity financiers and developers of both small and large-scale renewable energy projects.

Acting as co-counsel for wind developer in relation to construction and take-out financing of wind power generation facility under FIT Program.

Acting as co-counsel for a cooperative corporation in relation to successful private placement and take-out financing of a rooftop solar portfolio comprised of 34 projects under FIT 2.1.

Acting as co-counsel for one of the largest rooftop solar power producers in the purchase of Ontario’s largest rooftop solar portfolio comprised of over 33 MW of contract capacity.

Acting for engineering, procurement and constructions companies to provide turnkey solutions for rooftop and ground mount solar projects.

Acting in relation to the due diligence, structuring, financing, divestitures, acquisition, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of more than 2.5 GW of renewable energy projects in Canada, including rooftop and ground-mounted solar projects, biogas projects, hydro projects and wind projects under the Ontario Power Authority's FIT Program and MicroFIT Program.

Professional Affiliations and Distinctions

  • Admitted to the Ontario Bar (Law Society of Upper Canada), 2004
  • Admitted to the Bermuda Bar, 2008
  • Canadian Bar Association

Recent Presentations and Publications

  • Probate Essentials – Pet Trusts, 2017
  • Foreign Testamentary Documents – Probate Essentials, 2016
  • The Advisors’ Resource, Re-published in Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation, 2016
  • Probate Essentials – Insolvent Estates, 2015
  • The Taxman Always Wins – Executors Fees, 2016
  • Avoiding Cremation Liability, presentation for the Ontario Funeral Services Association - 2015

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